Friday, March 23, 2012

Group Reflections

On top of the above, create a Page in the blog where you discuss between 150 to 200 words your group's experience in accomplishing this task. It should include the following:
  • What we enjoyed most when working on this task
The thing we enjoyed most was to go to Clarke Quay as a group and have some bonding session together as a class since we had most of our classmates meeting together. It was quite a memorable time spent there.
  • What were some challenges we faced? 
One of the challenges that we faced was that one of our group member was not able to work with us since he had an injury not too long ago and thus to prevent it getting worse,we told him no to come. Also in the ACM(Asian Civilisation Museum),the lighting was dark but we were told not to use flash and thus photos came out in bad quality.
  • Describe ONE area that you think your group could do better if given an opportunity to do it again.
I think that in the future if we have this opportunity again,I think most importantly is that we can meet together in a group where everyone is present. This will not only decrease each individual workload,but we can have more fun together.

Civilisation: South East Asia

This artifact is a set of jewelry used in the past, and is used to socialize with the people in the past.

Differences between the past and present version
-In the past,the jewelry is usually made of gold but nowadays there are lots of different type like diamonds and silver.
-Jewelry are not normally used now.
-Jewelry come in a set in olden days but now it can be bought individually.
-The design of the jewelry is very different from today's one. Today's jewelry are simpler. For example, the chain is not so exquisitely designed, unlike the older one. The older one has many extra shapes on the chain that has weird shapes, but most modern chains only have a string of gold to hold the pendent.

-This artifact is a weapon that people use in the past for defense.
Difference between this and the present version
Nowadays, people normally use range weapons instead of melee
The handle of the weapon much simpler today, as they do not have exquisite designs to it
The blades are crafted differently
There are normally no holders for the knifes now

This is the costumes used for the wedding in the past.
Difference between this and the present version
The costumes have patterns all over it
There are more stuffs to add as a set of the costume
Its designs are plainer as compared to present versions
Present costumes are normally almost entirely white in colour, while this costume has other colours in it, such as brown.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scaled map

Activities at the Singapore River

Singapore River had a drastic change from the past till now. This causes the change of activities being carried out at the Singapore River.
There were staircases at the Singapore River,we can infer that there were people who swam at the Singapore River in the past,washing of laundry may also take place there because overseas,some rivers have these staircases to provide others a platform to wash their clothes.

Clubs and restaurants are opened beside Singapore River,we can infer that now Singapore River has become a spot for partying as well as gathering. There were also boats to carry tourist around the whole Singapore River so Singapore River has also been classified as one of the tourist attractions of Singapore